Invitation to join the Parent Committee 2014-2015

To all parents,

With all the parents and school supports, I, on behalf of the committee, proudly announce the 18th Parent Committee has been launched.
We will continue to organize various activities and get involve in many school events. We are now recruiting new member to join our Parent Committee.

Enhance the relationship among parents, support family and peer social interaction
Work in partnership with school, create a better school environment

Member’s right:Participate in various interest group activities, borrow resources, and enjoy services provided by the committee

Membership fee:
HK$30 per year for family membership

Procedure and remarks
 Simply fill in and submit the application form with the membership fee (cash only) to school office.
 There will be no refund once your application form and membership fee have been collected.
We would be pleased to welcome all new members. Come and enjoy all the fun!
Yours truly,
The 18th Parent Committee Chairlady
17th October, 2014

Appendix: 2014 -2015 18th Parent Committee Activities and Service Events
Major Events:
January 2015 Adjusting to Primary School (Invite previous Telford Kindergarten parents to share their valuable experiences such as choosing the school, interview tips, and etc.)
February 2015 School Chinese New Year Flower market (create handmade ornaments for the students)
March 2015 Field trip
May 2015 Visit Primary Schools
Whole year Mobile Library books Scheme (*New)
No specific time Volunteer for donation or fund-raising activities outside the school
Member’s right:
Every Wednesday Borrow/ Lending resources (school event DVD, PTU member card, library books, primary school information, and other teaching materials, etc.)
School and Parent Cooperation:
Establishing the parents’ volunteer teams to support and provide backup services for school activities such as open day, school visits, school celebration, etc.

1. All the above activities are for Member Only.
2. Please refer to the school notice for the exact date of event. No additional charge will be requested except our field trip.
3. Please contact Mrs. Lee at 5414 2651 if you need further information.